Paid search or pay-per-click advertising allows you to place ads in the “Sponsored Links” area of search engine results. Ads are selected and shown based on the specific keyword that’s being searched –the advertiser only pays when a user clicks on the ad itself.

This internet marketing approach is a great way to target very precise users in your area that are searching for the products and services you provide. Pre-qualify users before they click on your ad by providing a brief description of your product/service in the ad copy. By delivering these highly targeted and relevant ads, you can reduce wasted ad spend and drive only qualified traffic to your web site.

How Can PPC Help My Business?

    • Drive Highly Relevant Traffic to Your Web site
    • Gain Search Engine Exposure Quickly
    • Build Brand Awareness
    • Control Ad and Landing Page Copy
    • Market New Products, Offers and Promotions
    • Monitor Results and Track ROI

      What We Offer

        • Keyword Research/Analysis
        • Account Setup and Campaign Structure
        • Ad Creation
        • Geo-Targeting, Day Parting and Ad Delivery
        • Landing Page Optimization
        • Monthly Ad Spend Management
        • Site Reporting and Analytics

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