If you own a brick-and-mortar store or cater to a localized region, it is important to utilize a strategy that will help you capitalize on people searching for your products/services in your area. You have probably noticed that when you perform a localized Google search, there are 7-10 listings shown at the top of the search results. These results are pulled directly from Google’s Local Business Center.

If your web site shows up in local results, organic results and paid results, the chance of a user clicking on your listing dramatically increases.

How Can a Local Marketing Solution Help My Business?

    • Build Localized Brand Awareness
    • Target Users in a Localized Area Searching for Your Products/Services
    • Leverage High Traffic from Localized Directories
    • Drive Online Visitors to your Offline Store
    • Help Build Credibility with Positive Reviews
    • Identify Customer Trends with Web Analytics

      What We Offer

        • Local Business Submissions to More Than 30 Local Directories
        • Search Engine Optimization Setup and Monthly Maintenance (Local Focus)
        • Pay-Per-Click Advertising Setup and Monthly Maintenance (Geo-Targeted Ads)
        • Social Media Strategy to Identify Local People Talking About Your Products/Services
        • Web Analytics Integration

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